Alice D.


Make it Reign

Scarcely any part of nature in untouched by human colonisation and exploitation. In response, humans move towards evermore elaborate forms of engineered nature. Nature becomes a construction, a platform, and a source of profit just like any other. These images form part of a body of work that investigates the commodification of the natural environment through combining the material of carbon with everyday, common objects.

framed digital c-type print
90 x 58 cm. 

Smithsonian Backdrops 

Focusing on the often-misleading relationship between photography and reality, these images draw comparisons between the museum archive and the abstracted digital form of the artefacts. In particular, the work explores the abstraction that comes with removing materials from their original precolonial context and placing them within a museum setting.

Smithsonian Backdrops investigates the role of the visual archive in the construction of past, present and future cultural narratives

3D renderred images
inkjet print on Canson Rag
70 x 60 cm 

Black Hole (Lake Mungo)

This work was create at Lake Mungo, NSW, in consultation with Barkindji, Mutthi Mutthi and Ngiyampaa people. 

“The black hole recalls the Aboriginal flag, which has been pitched against the national flag comprised of stars and a Union Jack - although doing so is suggestive of nations fighting over territory...In addition, the black holes in Duncan’s images are trompe l’oeil tricks; just as our contemptions of the world are subjective and incomplete, these images mislead as much as they explain and pose more questions than answers.” 
- Diane Smyth in Future Now for the Aesthetica Art Prize, York. 

framed digital c-type print
90 x 90 cm
Edition 1 of 3 and 2AP



Double exposures of Lake Mungo created by layering two negatives on top of each other - taken six months apart.

framed analogue c-type print
105 x 105 cm
Edition 1 of 3